Preparation scrollI find that almost any energy/psychic/Spiritual work I do is deepened or enhanced if I do this standard preparation. When I’ve been doing this regularly, I can do it quickly with just a thought of each. But when I’m rusty, it helps me to spend a little more time with each step.

In my healing room

My healing room setting

  • Setting: My best setting is my healing room.  But where ever I am, I get comfortable and minimize distractions, even turn the phone off. Sometime I like having a lit candle or incense or music.
  • Set the intention. If I’m looking for an answer to a question, I write down the question.  If I’m doing a crystal session on someone, I find out what is going on and help them set an intention for the session.


some grounding aids

some grounding aids

  • Getting grounded –  I want to have a strong connection with here & now, even if I’m going to be journeying. I get my physical body stable. I “root” myself firmly.


  • smudge helps clear

    smudge helps clear

    Getting clear – of any expectations.  I put aside the to-do list in my head. I note any preconceptions I have about the work, leaving it to Spirit to guide me.  I always have thoughts, but I let drift by like clouds.

  • Getting centered – The easiest way to get centered is to do chakra breathing, with several breaths into each part of the body. Fluorite hexagons can also help in centering. See  Since different parts of myself often pull in different directions,  I also use images or actions that will bring me back to my one center. Before each session I invoke Guidance, centering with respect to the spirits of the six directions. If I’m doing a session on someone, I center on them, checking with my pendulum to make sure I’m reading them and not me.

    a centering aid

    a centering aid

  • Shielding – Doing the above usually means I’m solid enough not to need more shielding.  But I consciously add shielding if in any way I’m feeling vulnerable or even aware of negative influences.
  • Increasing awareness – By this time I’m ready to tune into subtle senses. Usually I pay attention to my breathing. Or focus on a stone I’m using.

Over the years I’m found what works for me for each of these.  But something else may work better for others.  For example, different people emphasize different senses – different “representational systems”, the Neuro Linguistic Programming people call it.

If you’re looking for what works best for you, try some of these options.

 If you’re more … visual auditory kinesthetic general
Getting grounded Imagine roots from feet & base of spine;

Seeing yourself as a tree with roots reaching deep into the soil.

Vocalize tones from high to low frequency.

Hearing a favorite song with strong rock beat (e.g “We’ll will rock you” by Queen )

“Horse” stance;

feel your feet; Go barefoot

Hug a tree

Hold a grounding stone – black tourmaline, hematite, etc. Usually a dense dark stone.
Getting clear Imagining water/sunlight cleansing you Use sound from Tibetan bell, crystal bowl, letting the tone move through you.

Using a rattle to shake up and move out “debris” from your aura

Moving arms like wings through aura; Smudge – sage or cedar smoke, “washing” your energy centers with it;

Cleansing breathing – long deep inhale, hold, long deep exhale

Getting centered Imagining center line through all chakras, crown to root 3 Oms ( Singing bowl- create tone from ringing around rim. Keep up for several minutes.

Moving a octahedron fluorite down your central line of energy.

Breath into each chakra, 3 breaths;
Shield from unwanted energies Imagine your aura being surrounded with a protective grid, like a window screen Say out loud a prayer to your favorite angel or Spirit Guide, asking that any unwanted energies be diverted from you. Find something to wear that helps you feel strong Hold hematite;

Surround yourself with a circle of sea salt

Increasing awareness Picture an image or symbol you associate with wisdom or spirit Listen to music that quiets your mind. E.g. Collage I or II, that starts with normal pacing and gradually slows down. Notice sensation of touch, of breathing, movement of clothing;

Imagine feeling hugged by a loving Spirit

Pay attention to your breath, noticing it without judging or “correcting” it.