Beware of Stone Hype!

Instant enlightenment Not2I love stones. I love meeting new types of stones. But my BS alarm goes off when people extol the latest & greatest. An influential crystal person wrote about a “new” stone as expanding consciousness rapidly.  Next thing, sellers were advertising that stone – for thousands of dollars!  Most for sale were not even that type of stone, but inexpensive matrices with traces of another mineral of vaguely the same color.

This is one reason I guide people into experiencing stones for themselves. I read others’ descriptions – they are often beautiful and expand my appreciation of what is possible. But just because the stone did that for that person doesn’t mean it will do that for me. I am not that person. I am me. And I have my own path. It may have a different message or healing for me.

Pssst!  I’ll tell you a secret. Often you don’t have to buy a stone to work with it. It may “download” its pattern to you when you touch it or as you walk around the store holding it. You may find a picture of it that transmits to you what you need. If you are drawn to buy one, it will probably keep unfolding its wisdom with you, at ever deepening levels.

About Lindsaysf

Aquarian, with Virgo/Leo rising. An infrastructure kind of person ("Hmm, I wonder how this works!") Former engineer. Training designer. Crystal healer. I have a private practice using stones, hands-on energy, bodywork to release blocks, fill in gaps, and allow energy to flow optimally.
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