Celebrating Morning

New Mexico Blue

This morning I’m sitting in the swing behind my house, watching morning evolve. The buzz of the hummers contending for the feeder above my head – and questioning my right to exist in their territory. Hey guys, I’m the one who bought that sugar for you!

Clouds are moving overhead – some quickly to the south, others pass slowly towards the north. My mind tells me they are at different levels but my eyes only see their dynamic patterns.

Ah, there! Doves nearby to my left, exchanging greetings with those further off to my right. A robin, looking gigantic to eyes adjusted to hummingbird life, has found the hose and is sipping gracefully at the water running out of it.  Something deeply within me relaxes.  I become aware of the background of traffic sounds. Of the auras wafting from the pinons.  Occasionally I can see more solidly the energy glow around them, but then I look for it – and it disappears from my view.

Sonic is sitting by my right side, on top of my writing tools. Of course. He must be on top of everything. His long white hair is present on all that I own. His fur is gloriously soft to touch.

Here comes more quizzical Sadie.  She questions me with a soft meomph, then leaps to the table beside me. An intense look at the canopy over my head – then up she goes! The hummers are dismayed and buzz her a close as they dare. I tickle the underside of the canopy, enticing her to lean over trying to catch my fingers. She tires of that, refusing to let me entice her into falling off. I have the shadow of a cat butt over my head.



The wind picks up. It gets cooler.  I see that the clouds have gotten darker, can feel the moisture they carry. Time to go in.

About Lindsaysf

Aquarian, with Virgo/Leo rising. An infrastructure kind of person ("Hmm, I wonder how this works!") Former engineer. Training designer. Crystal healer. I have a private practice using stones, hands-on energy, bodywork to release blocks, fill in gaps, and allow energy to flow optimally.
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