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ReFraming Fear

I’m having a hard time these days. The politics have gotten to me. The Other Side is so clearly wrong and My Side is so clearly right.  I fear dire consequences if the O.S. prevails – and unbelievably there are rumors that they might.  Arggggh! I fear the End of The World as We Know It.  So I turned to my Guidance via journalling for comfort.

2 wolvesInstead my Guides point out to me that I have been reminding those coming to me feeling under psychic attack that their very fear is what opens them to negative emotions. “Ahem,” they continue. “You do know that applies to you as well.  We’re not saying you should take no action, but we do say that if you entertain the fear, it will grow.”  Drat! It’s the parable of the two wolves again.

My Guides continued, “You have your own anger about the Other Side and would like to see them suffer and admit they are wrong.  The child wants an apology from the parent.

“We want you to shift yourself about the Other Side. Get a picture of him and emoji grinput it on your altar. Light a candle for him. Pray that he follow his own path. You really do not know what is best in this case. …But we don’t suggest that you send him $$!  ”  Comedians I’ve got as guides.

I don’t like this. Not at all. Yes I know enough about energy to know that what my Guides say is best. But I like to rant and rave.  I  like the stimulation of girdling my loins and going to war.  Yes, yes. I see the cosmic eye-roll and I hear that such is what keeps us embroiled in conflict. OK, I will do it. But I don’t like it.

Altar altered

There. The picture. The special candle. My altar. I’m not doing well with the praying bit. Best I can do is pray to my Higher Power, “Thy will be done”.  A conversation with a friend who is voting for the Other Side shows me that my heart is definitely not open. I’m still very much in judgment. Acceptance eludes me.

My Guidance had added that I do know how to practice releasing fear. I know how to center. I can wear items of positive energy to keep me aligned to that.  I also know how to use stones to help me reframe.  So I did a calcite layout on myself tonight.

CALCITE choicesIn my world, the rhomboid form of calcite (a slanty cube) suggests reframing.   It’s easy to get caught in thinking something has to be one way or the other, either “this” or “that”, “x” or “y”.  The calcite cube reminds us that there is a third axis,  many different “this” and “that” possibilities.  We don’t have to stay trapped in an either/or way of looking.

calcite stones

Stones used for my calcite layout

For my calcite layout, I lay down in my healing room, on my healing table.  I placed a black tourmaline at my feet to “ground” me and an obsidian egg at my root to make my subconscious more accessible. Then at least one calcite of appropriate color at each chakra. On a whim, I placed green Varisite at my solar plexus, to connect with deep earth wisdom. The pattern created by the stones felt profound in a way I can’t explain. I relaxed into the energy for 30 minutes or so, until I started to get twitchy.

And now?  I don’t know yet. I haven’t run to my altar to blow kisses to the Other Side. Maybe tomorrow I can do better with my prayers and acceptance.



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Welcome, 2016!

I like to honor a new year by drawing a rune for the coming year.  The one I drew for 2016 is one I wish for all of us!

Viking Rune WunjoWunjo, meaning Joy – Light

“This Rune is a fruit-bearing branch. The term of travail is ended and you have come to yourself in some regard. The shift that was due has occurred and now you can freely receive Wunjo’s blessings, whether they be in material gain, in your emotional life or in a heightened sense and awareness of your own well-being.

“This is an alchemical moment in which understanding is transmuted from knowledge. The knowledge itself was a necessary but not sufficient condition; now you can rejoice, having been carried across the gap by the Will of Heaven.

“Joyousness accompanies new energy, energy blocked before now. Light pierces the clouds and
touches the waters just as something lovely emerges from the depths: the soul is illuminated from within, at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, the meeting of the waters.

“There is a new clarity which may call for you to renounce existing plans, ambitions, goals. It is proper and timely for you to do so, for Wunjo is a Rune of restoration, of the self properly aligned to the Self.”

from Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes

What are your hopes and dreams for the year to come? (Click the “leave a comment” link under the title.)

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Personal Boundaries




Boundaries are personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not, and influence all areas of your life. Physical boundaries help you determine who may touch you and under what circumstances. Mental boundaries give you the freedom to have your own thoughts and opinions.” [Amazon]

Many people I encounter in my healing work need boundary repair and maintenance. Some with weak boundaries are too easily influenced by others.  Some pick up as their own the feelings and thoughts of others.  Some have weak immune systems, the immune system being the physical aspect of boundaries – “me” vs “not me”.  Others with rigid boundaries may not be able to tune into others or to allow intimacy.  Some flip back & forth between weak boundaries and rigid ones – from “come hither” to “go away”, with nothing in between. Some have energy cords from others invading their boundaries (see for more on this).

Many healers and psychics have porous boundaries, myself included.  That’s what lets us tune into other people and to merge our energy with theirs.  Great for readings or healing work, but a pain for us if we can’t strengthen our boundaries for day to day life.  I need adjustable boundaries so I can merge if appropriate and draw back into my own ego when appropriate.

 burning-candle-hiI like to think of my boundary as a flame around a candle.  My energy radiates around me like the heat radiates from the flame of the candle.  Around a flame there is bubble of heat. There’s an “boundary” at which I start feeling the heat. Similarly my energy – a blend of heat, electric impulses and heaven knows what – forms a bubble around me.  I sense when someone crosses into that bubble and unconsciously they sense it as well.  That bubble is the boundary of my personal space.

There are a number of ways to adjust boundaries – grounding, visualizations, physical exercises, etc.  Rather than going into those here, I want to share about an experience I had in which my boundaries got stronger simply from being around someone with good boundaries.

Great boundaries after greeting all these & more? Wow!

Great boundaries after greeting all these & more? Wow!

Several years ago I went to a convention to see a favorite actor.  While waiting for my photo with him, I watched how he interacted his fans.  He greeted everyone warmly – with hugs even! – though he had only about 20 seconds with each of us.  Unlike some other actors,  he didn’t pull energy from the fans (“Love me! Adore me!”). Nor did he push them away energetically (“Don’t look me in the eye!”). It was clear that he was simply himself and not at all any of his roles nor who I had imagined him to be. He was perfectly grounded and centered, with excellent boundaries. Impressive! I’d like boundaries like that!



When it became time for my picture, he hugged me, and much to my surprise, I noticed that I immediately became more grounded and centered myself. More me.  Have you heard how a tuning fork that’s vibrating can set up a vibration in another tuning fork at rest? The same things happens in electrical circuits – a wire with a current running through it can induce a current in a wire next to it.  This actor had a strong enough presence, strong enough boundaries, that my boundaries could pick up his resonance, just from being near him.  “Downloading a template of his boundaries” is my engineering-y way of saying it.

This was mildly interesting – but months later it proved very useful indeed.

I was doing some healing work on someone who had a lot of toxins and was swollen so badly that it was painful to walk. I started flushing a clogged meridian by holding two points and running energy between them.  The energy moved and the pain decreased.  But my hand started hurting – a sign that I was picking up the toxic energy, that my own boundaries were letting some of the toxicity. Not good!  I grounded, feeling my feet connect to the floor. I envisioned myself surrounded with a protective screen, but still I felt the toxicity.  Out of the blue, I remembered what it had been like to hug the actor at the convention. Wow! Just as had happened in person,  my boundaries noticeably strengthened.  From then on I could flush the meridians without taking on the toxic energy. The client left walking more easily and slept that night for the first time without pain.

To this day, when I need to boost my boundaries, I remember that hug – and it happens. Go figure!

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Why We Need Politicians

politicsThis time of year, bashing politicians is the great American sport. We have been deluged in absurdities, tortured by robot-calls and threatened by the destruction of all we hold dear if we don’t send in our $5, again and again and again.

I was listening to a TED talk, proposing that, with the wonders of the internet, we could do great things by having us all vote on bills – true democracy!  Could this be the answer?

Thomas-Jefferson-on-DemocracyNo!  Please, please no!  Our system is not a true democracy – and I like it that way.  Have the general population vote on issues?  Have you listened to the “general population” recently? I fear what we would get is rule by those that show up on public comment boards on the internet.  The ones who call each other a**holes and can’t put together a coherent sentence.  Yeah, I know a lot of people who comment intelligently and politely.  But I fear the volume of the screamers will drown out those more reasonable.

{dd30728f-c2f8-4be0-acdc-e747ae50e0ed}.gifWhile working for state government over six years, I got an appreciation for what people in government -including politicians – cope with.  They are constantly pulled at by people coming from all sorts of viewpoints.  “Spend here!!”  “Lower costs!” “Back what I want!”  “Look the other way!”  Good politicians have the skill to appear to listen to all of these, yet make a single decision.  I do not have that skill.  I would be stark raving mad if I had to plot a course though all those influences.  Thank god we have people – however much I may disagree with some – who are willing to be targets for all our hopes & angers!  Thank god they have people on staff who read and study the options.  I’m willing to pay for that.

George Takei

George Takei

You don’t want me tweeting my vote on bills I haven’t seen and don’t understand.  My part – and yours – is to vote.  As George Takei, the original Star Trek Sulu,  reminds us, “Our democracy needs the participation of its people to remain robust. …While voting is a right, it is also a privilege that many have fought and died to win and retain.

By the way, I was complaining to a poly sci grad from another country about how our system was a pendulum that swung back and forth – more civil rights to fewer, less favoring of corporations to more, etc.  It makes it hard to see progress. She remarked, “You have swings of the pendulum; we have revolutions!”  Gulp.  I guess our founding fathers knew what they were doing after all.