Ritual Works! Released Chronic Attitudes

I’ve never been a fan of rituals. Those from my youth seemed empty, dead, meaningless. But this summer a friend took me to a store in New York, Enchantments, that abounds with tools for rituals. I watched one of the people create a candle for use in a ritual. Runes, astrological sign, glitter, scented oils – as she carved the symbols I could feel the power building in the candle. Impressive!

celtic-pendant-with-runesThere were objects that drew me to buy them. A stone with an unusual variation of a familiar rune. A pendant with runes and Celtic symbols. Incense for “Uncrossing”. When I researched the pendant, I was appalled to find that it spoke of love relationship. Ugh! I don’t want to go there again!

The stone was a Hawks Eye, a blue tiger’s eye, with a rune Berkanahawk-eye-berkana, paired with its reversed form. Berkana is often related to fertility. Double ugh! But I researched further and found phrases I relate to: “Now is the time to put the knowledge and wisdom you have learned into practice…Plans, ideas and concepts that you thought were sound may turn out to be a waste of your time and effort. Do not allow this to discourage you – it is merely indicating that a different concept or angle must be looked at.” [Artist Komickrazi’s tumblr]

Hmm, What does all this have to do with me?  I sat with my journal and asked my Guidance.  They said that my “ugh” responses showed the blocks – “crossings”- that stand in the way of my relationships. My “ideas and concepts” come from the pain in my past relationships and from my impressions watching those around me.  Most marriages I saw, while fine for those in them,  were not examples of what could support and expand my own path. Society promoted what I saw as bondage.  There is a large storehouse of old ideas and distorted memories that I thought were sound for filtering my own experiences. I need to let go of that. I need a “different concept or angle”.

Yeah, right. Easier said than done.


Some ritual aids

So my Guides gave me an uncrossing ritual, to repeat regularly over a period of time. 2 weeks – a fortnight. Starting at the dark of the moon and continuing until full moon. With dedicated candles and uncrossing herbs. I was to take a bath or shower every day, at the end pouring a cleansing tea of 3 herbs over me and I stated my intent: “I ask the release of old pains and beliefs that inhibit my love relationships.” Rather than towel dry, I was to air dry while lighting 2 candles anointed with special scented oils and, standing between the candles, repeating my intent.

I did it. Every day for 2 weeks. While it felt powerful, I didn’t notice any difference.


me with 7 of 9!

A couple of weeks later I went to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. It was a blast! I had lots of fun and interacted with a lot of fascinating folks.  I was delighted with everything and had magical connections.  Wait! The previous times I had gone to STLV, I felt isolated and awkward. I never connected with anyone. Why was this so different?  I could feel my Guides grin. “It’s the ritual!” they whispered. Shoot, in the past I automatically scanned for someone to be the single relationship to define my life!  I hadn’t seen that relationships are all around me! “Relationship” doesn’t only mean “lover” or BFF.  Before I’d wanted people to be interested in me Now I was interested in them and exulting in our shared love of Trek. I connected without expectations. Had fun with what was in front of me.  Well, well. The ritual worked.

I’m not going to scoff at rituals any more. I’ll use them to support elusive intents and to release blocks I keep holding onto. In my own crystal healing work, usually the energy pattern is shifted without needing followup work, but homework of a ritual may help shift the thoughts, feelings and attitudes more quickly.

Yea ritual!

Want to use a ritual for your own long held blocks?  Relationships? Fears? Negative thinking?  Chronic procrastination?  Your ritual can be as simple as lighting a dedicated candle each morning for a week or as thorough as mine.  There are folks around who specialize in rituals – pipe ceremonies, sweats, etc. Look for them or explore on your own.  You can contact me for suggestions. Here are some of the websites that might be helpful:

The store in NYC with oils, incense, ritual candles, etc: http://www.enchantmentsincnyc.com/

A description of an uncrossing ritual: http://www.khakani.com/freemagicspells/uncrossing_and_crossing_spells.html

Some other background information and suggestions on herbs, colors, etc. http://www.molochsorcery.com/uncross.html

Note: Some sites that came up had to do with hexes from others, an approach I haven’t found useful. For me there is too much of a victim tone and projection onto others. It has been much more powerful to look within myself for the origin of blocks or for what in me opens me to undesirable influences.


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Aquarian, with Virgo/Leo rising. An infrastructure kind of person ("Hmm, I wonder how this works!") Former engineer. Training designer. Crystal healer. I have a private practice using stones, hands-on energy, bodywork to release blocks, fill in gaps, and allow energy to flow optimally.
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