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Want to know more specifics…..?

Recently a lot of people have been asking me about my healing sessions. Each person is unique so each session is unique, but I can tell you about some of the themes.

Lovely designs in powerful stones

Lovely designs in powerful stones

My own “way in” to connecting with the rich tapestry of Spirit was through sensing energy and through experiencing different states of consciousness. My hope is to facilitate others in similar explorations: To experience the amazing sensation of stones as they are laid on their body;  To feel blocks rising to the surface to be released; To let go of our usual stranglehold on Consensus Reality and relax into the Deep Self, becoming aware of the helpers there;  To connect with their own Guidance and to drop into the wonderful realm of Peace, Acceptance and Oneness.

Tune-up Session

Just want to experience what a crystal session is like?  Or just want a quick readjustment?  Consider the Tune-up Session.  It’s a 3-part session, about an hour long.  There is no set charge, but people often offer donations.  Too open-ended? Well, donations for this type of session usually range from $20 to $60. *

  • chakras & wingsWe’ll start with clearing out daily debris from your energy
  • I’ll check & adjust your “wings“.  Yep, you have them.
  • I assess your energy centers while you lay comfortably on a table.
  • I place different stones on you until your centers are balanced and aligned.

People leave saying they feel more relaxed and clearer.

Tailored Sessions

Sometimes people want a session that addresses a particular need or helps build a skill – something more than just a tune-up.

What’s involved? It varies, of course. These are the stages we often experience, whether in one session or several:

  • chakra stones1 cropped soft edgeSetting the Intention:  Our conscious minds are important and should be honored. So we start by asking what’s going on and what you want.
  • Tuning in: Once on the table, I assess your energy and lay on stones to balance and align, like a tune-up (above). I’ll also guide you into relaxing very deeply and sensing your own energy. Often people feel their energy moving as they never have before.
  • What happens at this point depends on the intention. Here are some examples:
    • Releasing Muscle Memories: A young woman’s goal was to step into her power. As she relaxed, an old pain surfaced.  We found it held the message “Watch out! You’ll get hurt!” I guided her in releasing it.
    • Opening receptivity:  A woman who felt unsupported couldn’t let go of control – even in her arms – so that she could be supported.  When we released these blocks with physical movements, she could accept support into her life.
    • Releasing judgments:   One person who struggled with self-acceptance was guided down a corridor of images of herself and shown her own radiant beauty.
    • Releasing attachments:   One woman couldn’t shield herself from others’ anger. We found energy cords that breached her boundaries and depleted her. Once we released the cords, I showed her effective ways of shielding.  Another had tried traditional “cord cutting” with only temporary relief. I guided her in reabsorbing the draining cords, reconnecting the supportive soul connection, and sealing the vulnerable wounds where the cords had attached.
    • Still Point:  Another woman, after releasing and clearing in a couple of sessions, became aware that she was immersed in utter peace and love and could hear the song of her Guidance.
  • Grounding:  I finish each session by bringing the person gently back into present time and present space.  One person moved easily into Astral and higher energies, but had trouble staying in his body. Guidance said “Making it pleasant for him to be in his body”.  A head and foot massage did it, helping him bring the higher awareness into the physical.

Tailored session are about 2 hours.  A session may involve talking,  hands-on body & energy work, stones laid on the body.  Donations are appreciated.  For this people usually give from $50 to $150*.

Advanced Sessions

Releasing Past & Future

Releasing Past & Future

Aside from resolving that which troubles or limits us, there is great fun & expansion from exploring different levels of our awareness.   For example, one client expanded her awareness way out into the Universe. Another explored past lives with her partner, deepening their relationship. Another shifted her consciousness to meet her Spirit Guide and was given symbols for reconnecting on her own.  Another learned to experience the energy patterns around her and learned to work directly with them as energy, without the limitations and judgments of the “story line”.

Advanced sessions take about 2 hours.  Donations are appreciated.  For this people usually give from $50 to $150*.


Lindsay & her Healer Bunny 🙂

*If you’re not in a position to afford the “usual”  donation range, please don’t let that stop you from asking for what you need.  This is more about balancing energy which can happen in many ways.

Results People Have Reported

What some explorers have said about their sessions:

  • The swelling and pain in my body greatly diminished and I slept without drugs.
  • “It brought me a renewed state of ‘life relaxation’ and acceptance.”
  • “Shed light in a darkened corner of my consciousness where I was trapped in strong beliefs.”
  •  “I have significantly more energy & flow more effortlessly.”
  • “A wonderful release from worry & fear about my ‘future’. A relaxation into the present moment.”
  • “Feel nurtured and open wide to new perspectives.”
  • “Engaging in my world more.”
  • “My sleeping disorder has been remarkably improved.”
  • “More reassured & confident that I’m on the right track.”
Lindsay has over 20 years’ experience as a crystal healer. She studied with Katrina Raphaell, founder of The Crystal Academy.  “The first Crystal Healing I experienced not only opened up and cleared levels of my psyche, but also made an immediate physical change in my life.” Since then Lindsay has added other modalities. “At Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing, my ability to hold, ground and transmit energy got much stronger.”  Ask her about her other experiences with channeling, forms of body work and shamanic tools.  (Ord. Minister. LMT 0390)

For more information or  for appointments, email Lindsay at or fill out the contact form below.

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