EVENTS: Upcoming & Past

Quarterly: Rand’s Channeling Group July 15!

Other LifeA special summer treat!  You’re invited to Rand Lee’s Channeling Group on Saturday July 15 at Light Vessel Community Room. This lovely space is at the east end of DeVargas Mall, facing the corner of Guadalupe and Paseo de Peralta. We start at 2pm;  end by 4.

This event is one of the few of Rand’s groups that will be at a public place and open to the public. Light Vessel has a specially wonderful energy that soothes and expands just on walking through the door.  It will be especially delightful with Rand and The Family bringing their wisdom, kindness and humor. A great opportunity to bring interested friends.

Rand Lee is a noted psychic, tarot reader, author and gardener.  Since the 1980’s Rand Lee has given private tarot readings and classes.  He believes strongly in helping people connect with their own inner wisdom.  Periodic events such as this gathering are a coming together to heighten our own individual awareness and to tap into Rand’s non-hierarchical, gentle, profound and humorous level of consciousness.

  • The focus is on your questions rather than a topic. Rand will go around the room, answering a question for names drawn.  I find answers to other peoples’ questions have a relevance to me too. – we are all one, after all. 🙂  A number of people report that energy of the gathering itself helps them move into a stronger connection to their own inner wisdom.
  • There is no set fee. Rand does appreciate your donations, of any size. Don’t let a lack of funds keep you away!

Come join us in chatting with Rand and asking questions of the Family. You are invited to come and bring friends.

Do check Rand’s blog for more about him and his work:    You can email him at or call him at 505-469-9782.

We will have a beverage and light snacks at break, but you might also check out the delicious Love Yourself Cafe that’s part of Light Vessel. You could eat there before or after – or grab your after lunch coffee or chai!  There is a small elevator for those of us with difficult knees.  For more on Light Vessel, click HERE.

Ongoing: Private Tutorials with Rand

doorway_Rand's tutorialsRand is offering private one-on-one tutoring sessions in…

1. Nature Spirit Communication: Elves, fairies, goblins, gnomes, and redcaps represent the consciousnesses of nature anthropomorphized by human minds in order to act better as bridges between human consciousness and the consciousness of the Earth. This tutorial presents an overview of the various concepts of Faerie, and teaches techniques for inviting the Little People into colloquy (so called because “little” explained how hard it was to see them; “little” here does not mean weak or inconsequential or immature). The tutorial also covers identifying your 7 plant spirit guides, and gives guidance for those who wish to enlist the aid of nature spirits in designing a garden.


2. Channeling the Tarot Devas: The 22 Major Trumps of the Tarot represent faces of the Divine, and each has a unique consciousness with whom we can learn to commune. This class teaches how to use each Major Trump as a doorway into a world that can be entered by us in meditation. The figures we meet there can give both valuable cognitive insights into our past, present, and futures, as well as glimpses into other dimensions.


3. Developing Your Psychic Skills:  Everyone is psychic, but most people in technological cultures buy into the materialist view that the only realities are those that we can weigh, measure, see, smell, hear, and touch. This course teaches the various forms psychic ability can take; helps the student discover his or her specific psychic gift; teaches how to prepare for a psychic reading so as to receive the least biased information; and aids students in discovering the psychic tools (such as Tarot, pendula, water-gazing, automatic writing or drawing, I Ching) that work best for them.


4. Remembering Other Lives: Not everyone reincarnates, but those who do can choose to re-enter physical reality at any point in space or time past, present, and future. We can also choose to incarnate in a parallel universe where history has flowed differently than in the one we know and share here and now. In this class, students are taught a simple trance-regression technique for achieving contact with other-life memories, and learning which experiences and persons from those other lives affect this reality here and now.

Rand B. Lee

          Rand B. Lee


Each tutorial is 4 sessions, $40 each, for a total of $160; full advance payment enjoys a 15% discount for a total of $136 ($24 off!). (If you would like to ask a friend to take the tutorial with you, ask Rand if you can split the cost between you.)

WHO:  Rand Lee is a clairsentient, empath, trance worker, psychic trainer and published author who has served clients in the U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, and England since 1984.  He is an expert on Tarot. He is also a co-developer of the Wheel of Creation model for realistic manifestation.  He can be reached for private sessions at 505-469-9782 or  He can even do readings via Skype. Check out Rand’s blog at  You can also check on his past events below.


 ~Periodically: Mini-workshops by Lindsay on Steps for Effective Intuitive Work (next to be determined)

Preparation scrollThis is an ongoing series of mini-workshops, each about one using our intuition and psychic/healing senses effectively.

Common to skills such as getting Guidance or shielding our energy or accessing healing energy are steps of preparation. Without these our information or transmissions can be distorted.  Like many people, I learned one way to prepare in one class, another way in another.  The methods I learned were OK, but I later found that not all were as effective for me as other options.  People vary.  The goal of these workshops is that each person find at least one method that works well for them. Each of these workshops is only 2 1/5 to 3 hours long, with no more than 4 people attending so each can get personal attention.  There is no set fee – by donation only.  For more information on content, see

  • Getting Guidance: We’ll start with the steps of preparation, then practice with consulting your own body for getting direction.  Next I show you how to use a pendulum, calibrating it and setting up a communication “language”. Then you’ll use the Runes as an oracle to get direction from Guidance on options you’re considering.
  • Shielding: Our intuitive selves tend to close down or distort if we feel unsafe.  Being able to shielding our energy is important to prevent this.  We examine what can disrupt our energy fields and what we can do to strengthen them.  Each person identifies the most effective way for them to shield from depleting situations.
  • Grounding: It’s hard to bring through information from higher states if you don’t first connect with present time and space. Like an electrical circuit, you need to have both ends connect to get a flow. Most people learn some way to ground in various workshops, but is it the way that works best for you?  What grounds some people spaces out others. In this mini-workshop, you’ll be introduced to several ways and get to find suits you.
  • Clearing: Anything cluttering our minds will distort what we can bring through.  Expectations, judgments, “monkey mind” – there are many ways to get clear, but some will work better for you than others. You’ll get to explore to find the best.
  • Centering: Being connected with your core means that you can bring through high energy without getting fried or thrown off balance.  You will learn several methods and find which work best for you under which conditions.

Invitations to these mini-workshops are only through my email list. If you’re interested,  contact me using the form below.

glam cropped

Who:  Lindsay Robinson has over 20 years’ experience as a crystal healer. She studied with Katrina Raphaell, founder of The Crystal Academy.  “The first Crystal Healing I experienced not only opened up and cleared levels of my psyche, but also made an immediate physical change in my life.” Since then Lindsay has added other modalities. “At Barbara Brennan’s School of Healing, my ability to hold, ground and transmit energy got much stronger.”  Her experience includes channeling, forms of body work, and shamanic tools.  (Ord. Minister. LMT 0390)


Invitation only events & discount

Both Rand Lee and Lindsay occasionally offer events by invitation only and discounts to workshops for those on our email lists. If you’d like to get word of such events or discounts, please fill in the contact form below and tell us something about yourself :



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