(Rand and Lindsay have both had events since these but haven’t had time to write them up here. Hopefully this will give you an idea of their events.)

April 3: Rand’s Channeling Group

These lovely gatherings include those already on Rand’s and Lindsay’s email list, plus some new folks brought by friends.  Rand’s “Family” answered a question from each person there. As usual, the answer to one person’s question often had relevance to us all.

Here are some tidbits from the last gathering that can apply to others:

  • For a chakra blockage needing nurturing to release:  mush oatmeal into a paste with rose water (less expensive than real rose essential oil). Massage this onto your body, then soak in a tub. A lovely way to self nurture – plus your skin will feel wonderful!
  • Rand's Wheel of CreationFor those being stymied in putting out their work by a fear of being visible: have several small gatherings – 3 people – in which you present part of your work and ask for ideas on how to get it out to others. In the Wheel of Creation, this is combining support, communication and strategy.
  • When the expansive force of developing & presenting your life work presses hard against the contracting force of your distrust of your own skills (imposter syndrome, I’m not good enough, what I have to offer isn’t special enough, etc.) there is an explosion! For some the impact is emotional but it can also release through the physical body.
  • For someone feeling exhausted in the midst of transition: Most of your essence isn’t in your body, but is off in the planning state, creating your next 5  years.  Eat grounding foods – root vegetables, especially red beets, burdock with its deep roots. Kale.  Similarly those with issues labeled as Alzheimers or dementia may have much of their essence exploring other realms and possibilities.
  • These days it isn’t enough just to be afraid to die. Connect with whether you want to live! Why do you want to live? What would bring you joy?
  • Having support is important – a support group, a place where you can say whatever is on your mind without being judged, being surrounded by others who understand.
  • For heart issues & weight issues: If typical exercise feels punitive to you, do gentle exercises to strengthen the heart. Moving around in a warm pool. Putting on a silly dance video and while sitting in a chair move your arms to the dance. These help strengthen the heart.

Friday, February 12: Getting Direction from Spirit  (repeated in March & April)*

We start with the steps of preparation necessary to most spiritual & subtle energy work. Then we practiced noting how your own body gives you signals and how this can be helpful for getting direction.  Each person found where in their body they got the clearest signal. The next method was using a pendulum – tuning into the pendulum and developing a language. I show how to get more than just yes or no answers.  For more complex questions, using oracles can help.  Each person practiced using the Runes or another oracle to find answers. The key is in how you ask the question!

Friday, December 4,2015: Shielding Your Energy by Lindsay*

Our intuitive selves tend to close down or distort if we feel unsafe.  Being able to shielding our energy is important to prevent this. This  Preparation scrollintroduction addressed what can disrupt our energy fields and what we can do to strengthen them.  Each person got to experience ways to shield from a situation that was depleting her and to find the most effective.

*These are part of an ongoing series of mini-workshops described here.


Sat, June 20 – Hillside Solstice Psychic Fair – with Rand Lee, Lindsay Robinson & others

Sat, May 16 – Rand Lee: “Other Life Recall Workshop”Other Life

Rand describes “Other Lives” this way: Not every soul reincarnates, but if a soul chooses, it can reincarnate in any period of history: past, present, future, alternate, human, or nonhuman. Rand pointed out that the wonderful thing about being in physical reality is that there is infinite choice for a variety of experience. Even some scientists suggest that other realities – the paths from other choices – are co-existing, each in their own timeline. It may be that when a species goes extinct in what we think of as reality, they continue in another reality – probably one without humans!

From the point of view of the Greater Self, there is not separate past, present or future. Rather they are like pearls on a string.  As are our Other Lives. The ones that are easiest for us to access are those closest “on the string” to this one. Actually it made be that a lot of the ideas that express as science fiction are leaks from the writers’ other selves. Rand feels that when artists are “possessed by the Muse”, they may not so much be possessed by the gods, but rather by an alternate Life.

Why is it helpful to become aware of these Other Lives? When we connect with these, we can see that there are other ways, other choices we could make. We may be able to call on the other skills, abilities and talents that have been more strongly developed in some other Lives.

Rand lead us in a “warm-up” exercise of free association. He suggested a theme and we each quickly wrote the names of whatever came to mind. Fun! And interesting things popped up! Rand pointed out that some of the things that came through in the warm-up may indicate Other Lives speaking to us. All the Lives want to communicate with us; all have something to share. If some find connecting with a dramatic Other Live scary, we can think in terms of sitting safely in our comfy seats watching a movie on a screen.

The Family lead us in a meditation & a visualization in which we connected with an Other Life. I got the impression of a man. Vague at first, he became clearer as I focused. He was sturdy, greying, solid – physical in a way I don’t usual have in my life. Just imagining being in his presence gave me a feeling of being protected. Very nice!

April 25, 2015:  Rand Lee: “Devic Garden Design Workshop”

Plant DevaThis workshop got a hearty round of applause! In his introduction to the workshop, Rand said he rarely talks about his psychic work and his gardening work together, but what a lovely combination!  Rand told us of his connection to the plant devas, the key being to notice – sounds, colors, textures, shapes!  Rand suggested an intent of our creating gardens that are in harmony with what our deva want and that meets our individual spirit needs.  He lead us in a powerful meditation, connecting us with our own personal plant deva.  To my surprise, mine was garlic!  Many of the others were surprised at the plants that came up for them. As we shared, he told us about each, their characteristics and what they added to a garden.
In the next part, Rand pointed out that the more we connect with our deva the more fun we’ll have.  He described some Faerie Plants associated with this area. Next he talked about types of plant shapes and how we can combine them in a garden for delightful effects: spikes and blobs and pools and many more.  He also told us examples of each that are suitable for this high desert.  He had on hand lots of catalogs so we could see the colors and shapes.  We also got tips about fertilizers, composting, companion planting – and much more.  Rand is clearly an expert in this area. No wonder he was asked to write Pleasures of the Cottage Garden! (


March 14, 2015 Rand Lee at the Mind/Body/Spirit Expo

Rand was a great success, with non-stop readings, at the Expo at the Railyard Fitness Center.  It was a lovely crowd and very interesting exhibitors.

Jan 11, 2015 Rand’s GAS Group

A lovely group gathered in a private home – both familiar faces and new.  While it would be inappropriate to share The Family’s response to individual questions, there were some statements I’ll remember:

  •  “Santa Fe brings out all shadow material and won’t let you leave until you deal with it.”
  •  “In play it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. In work it does matter. So play more!”
  •  On receiving messages from Guidance: “Take a firm stand against any messages involving force, threat or blame.”
  •  On giving messages to others: “Go into meditation and see the person for whom you have a message.  Hand them a symbol representing the message. Like healers, you can only offer a template of wholeness.”


Nov 15, 2014 Rand on The Seven Heavens: A Gentle Map of the Afterlifemetatcubebwlogo_black


A lovely group gathered for Rand’s talk, channeling The Family, with a question & answer session following. The Family does not see “heaven” as successive levels inhabited by beings of increasing purity and goodness. When the Family uses the word “heaven” they refer to 7 realms of goodness and light and Love, each of which possesses unique characteristics and qualities of opacity. Their view of heaven includes the startling notion that physical reality—the Earth plane—is heaven number 1.Oct. 18, 2014 Rand on Opening the Heart to Change

Rand_TAROT.Essences.Wheel_of_Fortune Change is at the heart of physical reality. It is represented in the Tarot deck by the Major Trumps named Death, the Lightning-Struck Tower, the Devil, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Chariot. Sometimes the change is painful; sometimes the change is pleasurable. One way of dealing with change is refusing to acknowledge that it happens. Another way is cowering in fear waiting for the next axe to fall. Still another way is to attempt to control the change by obsessive multiple contingency planning. In this talk, the Family, Rand’s spiritual persona, discussed how, in their opinion, change is best dealt with.  Some highlights were:

The heart is both changeless and constantly changing.  The changeless aspect is pure love, with no beginning and no end. It supports the All That Is without question, keeps all safe within it’s bosom. Commonly we use “heart” to mean the aspect that has emotion.

Pain can exist, as the resistance to change.  Pain can come from holding onto something that is changing.

An example: A child from a troubled family faced many changes: a lost childhood, lost attempts at love, loss of the body (death).  One might say, “What a shame that he didn’t accomplish his dreams!” Yet looked at from the broader reality, he accomplished much in different ways. He did enjoy the relationships and experiences he set out to experience.

Rand's Wheel of CreationHow is it best to adapt to change one doesn’t desire?  Acknowledge the rage.  You can raise the denser levels of force/threat/blame by accepting the situation. Note that acceptance isn’t passive. It involves active participation.

You can ask how the change affects you for each spoke of the Wheel of Creation.  For example, ask in what way the change affects your passion. (Root chakra, ability to create).   In what way is your belief involved? If your beliefs are too rigid, change is more disruptive. You can ask your Greater Self to guide you to an expanded strategy.  For example you can look for others who have successfully adapted to similar change and see how they did it.  Also it is essential to ask for support, for help. “What support will help me adapt to change in the way I desire?”  Humans need interaction with others. Many resources are available if one is willing to look for them.


May 24, 2014 Rand on The Spirituality of Sex

Image Spirituality of SexThis was a channeled lecture by the Family, a non-hierarchical thought form that links to Broader Reality and the Planning State where we develop the templates for our physical experiences.  Some highlights were:

  • In the beginning there were no forms, only the All That Is. This conceived a desire to explore different manifestations. This set the stage for great passion (yearning), pleasure (joy), pain (resistance to transformation).
  • Your body is a civilization, not a thing.  In the plane of Light and Sound, two beings wishing to understand each other merge and experience the others point of view.  There are other types of union, for example predator and prey is a union with energy transfer.  By this we do not mean the situation of a sexual predator. That forced union is more an anger towards physically reality, a desire to punish another for their own bad experience.
  • In truth physical reality including the body is holy – part of the whole.  The pleasures of sexuality are a mirror of the pleasure of union on the plane of Light and Sound.  The existence of males and females reflect back the roles of Doer (the expansive energy, communication, etc) and Supporter (supporting, providing foundation, guiding. etc).  Your bodies don’t only give you sensory experience but also can focus energy.  While in some cultures bisexuality and homosexuality are seen as borderland sexualities, but in some cultures they are recognized as go-betweens to bring enlightenment, transformation and pleasure to the world.
  • How to heal hatred of the body? Get in contact with the earth.  For example, lie in a garden with your belly in contact with the earth.
  • Many individuals have talked about ways to channel spiritual energy through the sexual system. These practices have validity within their context, formed with the thought forms & cultural inhibitions of those involved.  So what one culture means may be different from what another means. In some cultures, the penis is used as a symbol of domination. But it’s original intent is as a DNA delivery system.  Every union of male and female has within it the potential for creation, not necessarily a baby.  Everyone with whom you’ve had sex is held in energy in your body. If you wish to clear these, use Oil of Rose, either topically on an area or as a scent in meditation.

June 28, 2014 Rand B. Lee did readings at Pride on the Plaza.

It was a lovely day and a lovely crowd – and Rand had people lined up from the time we set up until we closed at 3pm!  Sharing the booth with Rand was the delightful Carol Montoya who combines her lovely intuitive artistry with her extensive experience with astrology. Check Carol’s work out at

March 22, 2014 Lindsay on Healing Green – Stones, that is!

We had a lovely group, small enough that every could experience several stones for themselves.  I dowsed energy fields with different stones to see how each affected the person. It was really neat that people started tuning into their own sense of how the different stones affected them.  Some of the stones we experimented with included:


Lovely aventurine can soothe when our wants & Divine Will aren’t aligned.


Green Variscite can align us to the part of ourselves that is like an ancient being rooted in earth wisdom.

Malachite with its bull-eye swirls which helps us delve into the emotional body, surfacing blocks to be cleared.

Malachite with its bull-eye swirls helps us delve into the emotional body, surfacing blocks to be cleared


Green calcite in its Rhombohedron form (slanted cube) can help us reframe a situation so that rather than being stuck with only a choice of this or that, we can see many more possibilities .

Green calcite in its Rhombohedron form (slanted cube) can help us reframe a situation so that rather than being stuck with only a choice of this or that, we can see many more possibilities .



Feb. 15, 2014.  Rand B. Lee on The Passion Principle: Becoming the Soulmate You Seek

Lovers_Rands TarotWhat a lovely – and profound! – gathering!  A small but perfect group that reminded me of a thought that certain souls are drawn together to share an experience. While the framework sounded like looking for a soul mate, that was just the theme used to explore deep longings and fears.

Rand shared with us an amazingly touching and profound experience he had of Divine Love – and the awareness that it is indeed the consciousness all around us. He spoke of the Shadow, not evil, but the parts of ourselves pushed out of sight and yearning to be heard and loved. He told us of a meditation with rose essence, invoking a mirror in which to see all the parts of yourself abhor and judge. He saw his as two points of light that took form as spirits of his father & his mother, expressing their love and sorrow for their failings as parents. At that point he felt a deep, active, completely familiar and totally embracing Love envelope him. And he knew it to be very real.So why don’t we experience that all the time? Our brains can’t contain all that we are, only parts of it. Being in Physical Reality is learning how to merge the Divine with the physical.Rand lead us in two exercises. The first was identifying our Ruling Passion for our ideal lover. I found this showed me what my heart still longed for. The next exercise was our Ruling Belief – how likely we believe it is that we could find such an ideal love or that we are worthy. Our responses to this were both affirming beliefs and limiting ones. Some of the memorable expressions were:
– Releasing the bonds to the oppressiveness of time (e.g. to beliefs that it was too late)
– I have no evidence in my life that is possible
– I want to see and support the Divine in others.

One person shared a reframing of the lullaby, Rock a bye Baby: “When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. I’ll be there to catch you, cradle and all”.  Wow.

My thanks to those who gathered with us for this event as well as to Rand for his words and guidance and lovely heart space. I felt like I got the value of a day’s workshop from these two hours!

 Jan 25, 2014. Rand B. Lee on “The Tarot of You”

WheelofFortuneA bunch of folks – many new –  gathered at Hillside to hear Rand Lee’s talk on “The Tarot of You“, his upcoming book. I captured a few tidbits from the talk.  If you have questions, ask Rand.

Rand says that the greater trumps (Major Arcane) represent the underpinnings of Divine Consciousness. And also of each of us. We are all magic! Understanding which is our major theme in this life can help us understand our core passion and what love is to us – as well as why we get pissed off by certain people around us! In addition to our major theme, we also go through cycles of the other archetypes. (I have found it immensely helpful to know my major essence and current cycle!)

Rand passed around his own cards – wonderful images! You can see them on his website:

The Fool card stands alone as the representation of God. Often it is pictured as a village idiot – one who lives with an awareness that others don’t see.

Rand sees the remaining 21 cards as falling into 7 branches, each branch with 3 aspects – Knower, Feeler, Doer.

  1. The House of Manifestation. Those of us who are playing out one of these roles tend to be pragmatic, earthy and good at manipulating physical reality. We may not be good at delegating. The knower in this house is the Pope – intellectually autocratic, excellent teacher, values tradition to help create stability. The feeler is the Magus – inventor, interested in science that serves. The doer is the Emperor – to an emperor type, love is something people do. If you’re in a love relationship with an emperor, don’t expect mushy words – but you may find your favorite candy appearing on your table. Emperors often have positions of responsibility.
  2. The House of Evaluation. Meaning and balance. People in this house are mentally sharp – don’t try to put anything over on them! They have an ability to evaluate and have a strong mental image of how the world should be. The knower is Temperance – with a balance of linear and intuitive thinking. The feeler is Judgment – seeking emotional balance. The doer is Justice – seeking pragmatic balance.
  3. The House of Exploration. These people have great curiosity and are restless. Good at multitasking. All three tend to like traveling. They can all fit in – take on the coloration of their environment. They can have big ups and downs in their lives. The knower is The World card – understanding from the broadest perspective. The feeler is Wheel of Fortune – exploring through relationships. The doer is the Chariot – traveling physically.
  4. The House of Nurture. These people have a passion for protecting, feeding, consoling. They may have problems with boundaries. Their lesson is to learn self-nurture so they can have the abundance needed to nurture others. The knower is the Popess – a lot of New Age psychics here! Strong connection to the Dream State. The feeler is Strength – physically strong and emotionally sensitive. The doer is The Empress – mommy! Can exhaust themselves.
  5. The House of Introspection and Independence. Unique ways of seeing reality. Need for privacy. Attracted to jobs with a lot of independence. The knower is the Hanged Man – peacemakers, go-betweeners. The feeler is the Hermit, who’s purpose is to map the inner landscape of the self. The doer is the Lovers – seeking a nurturer who will keep them safe. Usually charming.
  6. The House of Self Expression. A passion for expressing themselves but may have trouble hearing others. Strongly attracted to beauty. The knower is the Star, the healer of the Tarot deck. Often have terrible health problems. The feeler is the Moon, truth tellers – and often irritating! Excellent psychotherapists. The doer is The Sun. Charismatic, a born star.
  7. The House of Transformation. The least identified with physical reality. These will shake you up. Totally unpredictable. They see more of the Divine than their brains can handle. The knower is Death, interested in the spiritual for it’s own sake. The feeler is Lightning (Struck Tower), prone to visions. Has trouble distinguishing between shadow and the Divine. The doer is Pan. Does everything to excess but with an innocence. Can transform whole civilizations with their wisdom.

I bet you want to know your main Tarot essence now, right?  I’ve found the most useful approach is to make an appointment to find out directly from Rand. If you’re not in Santa Fe, remember that Rand also does sessions by phone and Skype!

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