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Messages from Stones: a Special Honey Calcite

For some people who work with stones for healing, shaping warps their essence.  I have some stones that thumb their nose at that belief. Here’s one – a calcite shaped like a quartz – and what it told me:

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Centering in the Midst of Chaos

A lot is changing rapidly in our world. It’s a challenge to stay centered in the midst of what can look like chaos. There are lovely visualizations that help – but when the chaos is strong, it’s hard to focus … Continue reading

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The Magic of Stones:

A Magical Self healed Tabby! “Nature is a petrified magic city.”  Novalis “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke “One man’s ‘magic’ is another man’s engineering. ‘Supernatural’ is a null word.” Robert A. Heinlein “Believe in … Continue reading

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Rainbow Beauty

I’m sitting at sunset, gazing at one of my glorious quartz crystal generators.  It is long and shaped with lots of clouds and cracks and inclusions that are winking rainbows at me in the sunlight.  I asked my Guidance about … Continue reading

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I’m staring at clouds this morning. I used to think of clouds as individual formations that moved across the sky.  Then in my early metaphysical days, I learned to create and dissolve clouds by my focus.  But now I find … Continue reading

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Journey: Addressing Deep Pain

Recently I heard of an imagery process for relieving stress and trauma.  I have something that has pained me for over a year.  I said something stupid to someone I admire greatly, something that apparently sounded invasive though I didn’t … Continue reading

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Meditation with Stone: Mookaite

When I was in Sedona  July 2012, this Mookaite from Australia reached out and grabbed me. When I sat with it, this is what it had to say to me: “Dreamtime – but a more active and rich dreamtime than … Continue reading

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